Nice transfer between the “eggs” of Vercland and the new gondola TC10

9 November 2020

They had become an emblem for winter sports regulars in the Grand Massif. The famous ‘eggs’ of the Vercland going up to Saix were at the time of their commissioning, in the early 1970s futuristic objects. They served one last time during the 2019-2...

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What’s new this winter in Samoëns

8 October 2020

This winter, head to the heart of the Giffre Valley, in Samoëns, a warm and authentic semi-pedestrian village-resort, for a holiday full of reunion and disconnection. Between skiing, off-ski activities, cultural heritage, gastronomy... In Samoëns, no time to get bor...

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Some exercises before starting on the ski slopes

10 December 2019

Are you going skiing this winter? Better, you go skiing in Samoens and in the Grand Massif in Haute-Savoie? Here are some tips to prepare you to hit the slopes despite you are not sporting at heart. The best is to begin this preparation a month before leaving ...

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A cultural and musical winter in Samoëns

Winter also rhymes with culture and music in Samoëns in Savoie. An enticing program is waiting for you between boulevard theater, concerts of classical music and jazz or carnival. Samoëns in recital: three free ...

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6 December 2019

Opening of the resort from December 14, 2019 to April 19, 2020. Station-village of Haute-Savoie, Samoëns is a true mountain village full of charm. This winter, enjoy the ski area, its 265 km of skiing and one of ...

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The countdown is launched before Christmas and the time is now in the preparations! Samoëns is a warm and authentic Haute-Savoie village-resort that promises to live the magic of Christmas in a unique setting. Because the Christmas holidays must be the most ma...

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It’s time to think about the winter holidays and enjoy some good deals in Samoëns

27 November 2019

Time is running out and summer is already giving way to autumn ... The swimsuits are stored in the closet, and you can start dreaming about snow and slides! This is the time to book your next ski holidays: Samoëns, authentic resort-village of Haute-Savoie, ful...

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10 Good reasons to come to Samoëns this winter

25 November 2019

Opening of the station from December 14, 2019 to April 19, 2020 Samoëns is a village resort located in the heart of the Alps, in Haute-Savoie, just a few kilometers from ...

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A winter in Samoëns that promises to be rich in events

Holiday parties, festivals or sporting events: the Savoyard village-station is the scene of a myriad of activities. Here is an overview of events not to be missed. On December 14th, Samoëns took up Christmas time and put on its fairy...

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How to prepare your holiday in the Alps in Samoëns?

8 November 2019

Winter is fast approaching and you have decided to visit our Savoyard village. Here are some tips and good plans from the Tourist Office to enjoy and succeed your stay. What accommodation for your holidays? The village of the Alps of...

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