What to do in Samoëns 1600 ?

29 June 2021

This winter, Samoëns 1600 is reinventing itself and offering you new activities just 12km from the village. Come and learn about ski touring and cross-country skiing, learn the basics of alpine skiing or even get your fill of sledging sensations on the Saix plateau....

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What to do in late winter / early spring in Samoëns?

18 March 2021

In Samoëns, the months of March and April have many surprises in store for you. The temperatures, which vary from still winter cold to spring mildness, allow locals and tourists to enjoy hybrid activities in the mountains. Sometimes in the snow, sometimes ve...

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How to prepare your holiday in the Alps in Samoëns?

8 November 2019

Winter is fast approaching and you have decided to visit our Savoyard village. Here are some tips and good plans from the Tourist Office to enjoy and succeed your stay. What accommodation for your holidays? The village of the Alps of...

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Outdoor winter activities in Samoëns

20 August 2019

Samoëns does not only mean alpine skiing. In addition to this sport and cross-country skiing, this pearl of the Alps, in the Haute-Savoie, offers many outdoor activities during the winter. And if you enjoy a winter holiday to test new activities an...

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Alpine ski resort in Samoëns – Grand Massif

19 August 2019

The ski resort in Samoëns Discover one of the largest ski areas in Haute-Savoie by skiing down on the Samoëns, Grand Massif and Haut-Giffre ski areas in Haute-Savoie. Alpine skiing or Nordic skiing enthusiast ? Thanks to the areas dedicated to thes...

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