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Well-being activities Samoëns

Come and relax in the heart of the French Alps, in the village of Samoëns and its surroundings. Yoga, cold yoga, afghan walking, and body massages: take advantage of your stay in Samoëns to take care of yourself, far from daily worries. Samoëns and its partners offer you a beautiful well-being interlude and complete moments of escape.

Discover the benefits of yoga

A single watchword in Samoëns this winter: relaxation

Our daily lives leave little time to find ourselves. Between family, work, and sleep, it is essential to refocus on our well-being and to grant ourselves relaxing moments. Samoëns and its partner Quintessence offer you a beautiful interlude to discover or improve your yoga skills. Between the search for physical and spiritual balance, the search for flexibility or muscular and nervous relaxation, this complete activity will be extraordinary.

Yoga for relaxation or toning

Although yoga is often considered to have relaxing and calming properties, it could also be practiced in a more active way. This activity is a real way to work on one’s posture, deep muscles, and general tone. Do not hesitate to come and relax in the heart of the mountains this winter in Samoëns.


Location: Samoëns

Tarifs: 10-session card, €85

Discover Yoga, accompanied by Yoga Jaw

Discover the benefits of yoga in the cold!

Yoga Smiling young woman standing on one leg in asana, near winter river

Location :  Samoëns

Tariffs : 24€/pers

Come and discover Cold Yoga, with Quintessence

It sounds a bit barbaric when you say it like that…

Have you ever heard of cold yoga? This activity, which remains marginally known in France, was originally developed by the Tibetans in the Himalayas in very “hostile” conditions. In Samoëns, we do not propose anything barbaric, just a walk on snowshoes, in the heart of the magnificent landscapes of the Alps. It would be a walk like no other that will bring you all the serenity you are looking for.

Cold Yoga, an invigorating activity

Your breath will be your tool of awareness during this snowshoe hike. Accompanied by our mountain guide and wellness specialist, Quintessence, you will evolve in a magical setting in pursuit of your inner well-being. Your guide of the day will give you many tips to refocus on your environment and yourself while learning how to fight against the cold. So come and spend a moment of absolute tranquillity in the mountains of the Samoëns.


Discover the Afghan walk, on snowshoes

Walking to recharge your batteries

The Afghan walk is an activity like no other. With your feet in the snow, in the middle of the alpine landscapes of Samoëns, come and discover this relaxing and almost meditative experience. Far from daily hustles, this mindfulness tool will help you refocus on your breathing and your steps.

The Afghan walk-in Samoëns, a moment for yourself in the heart of the Alps

Walking, without getting tired, and being able to survey the snowy landscapes: is what the Afghan walk has to offer you. It will be a moment of active meditation that will combine relaxation, relaxation, and better management of the effort in the mountain.

marcheafghane©Gilles Piel
marche-afghane©Gilles Piel

Location: Samoëns

Tariffs : 24€/pers

Want a taste of what’s to come? It’s over here!

Discover the Afghan snowshoe walk, with Quintessence

Discover Nordic walking in Samoëns!

One step at a time …

Does Nordic walking ring a bell? This accelerated walking technique, which combines cardiovascular work and coordination, has the particularity of being carried out with the help of poles specially designed for the activity. The combination of leg and arm movements will strengthen your body and lighten it during the effort. A combination of sport and wellness, the positive effects of which on the body and mind have been proven. In the fresh air, take a good breath of fresh air and come and work on your tonicity while exploring the surroundings of Samoëns.

A rejuvenating and invigorating activity, accessible to all

Young and old, young and old, Nordic walking is for you. This activity does not require any particular skill or physical condition and is therefore very popular with everyone. A moment of sharing and friendly activity, Nordic walking can be practised independently or accompanied by our experienced mountain guides, for whom the mountains of the domain no longer hold any secrets. This winter in Samoëns, discover the snowy landscapes of the domain by practicing Nordic walking, an activity that combines tonicity and serenity. Accessible to all, all you need is a pair of shoes and sticks (provided by our guides), and off you go!


Family tariffs: 10% discount for 4 or more people

Tariffs : from 24€ adult – 19€ child rate (2h trip)

Discover Nordic walking with the guide office.

Body massages in Samoëns

Beautiful woman receiving back massage at the spa.

Indian, Californian/Swedish, Ayurvedic, Thai, Tui Na (Chinese), hot stone, AMMA seated, reflexology … for tariffs consult our partners!

It’s time to be pampered in the heart of the Alps

Our wellness partners offer you unique moments of escape in Haute-Savoie, thanks to the various body massage services. Thai massage, Chinese massage, energy massage, body listening, reflexology… so many moments to relax during your stay in Samoëns. Whether you are looking for a boost of energy, a moment of pure relaxation, or an opportunity to let go of your daily worries and discomfort, our relaxation professionals offer you a time dedicated to you.

 Take a moment for yourself

Your stay in Samoëns, in the heart of the Alps and its breathtaking landscapes, is also a great opportunity to refocus on what is important to you and to take a moment for yourself. The range of treatments offered by our partners is an opportunity for you to take a real break.

Wellness and Nordic activities, the winning combo!

Relax after a breath of fresh air in Samoëns

The village of Samoëns and its resorts invite you to discover our winter’s combo: “Nordic activities” and “well-being”. After a good session of cross-country skiing on the slopes of our areas, come and relax in the heart of the Alps, thanks to the numerous “relaxation” offers that Samoëns proposes. It is a unique combination created for you, combining physical activity in the open air and a wellness interlude ideal to take time for yourself.

Friends enjoying snowball fight

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