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Nice transfer between the “eggs” of Vercland and the new gondola TC10

TC 4 Vercland

They had become an emblem for winter sports regulars in the Grand Massif. The famous ‘eggs’ of the Vercland going up to Saix were at the time of their commissioning, in the early 1970s futuristic objects. They served one last time during the 2019-2020 season, before being dismantled and sold at auction this summer. These 80 cabins now become “vintage” objects will thus know a second life and will remain in the memory in the same way as the telephones in bakelite or the minitel.

Much more welcoming replacements to relieve congestion on the Grand Massif Express

To replace this red wire that has become a piece of history, new 10-seat pull-out cabs (TC10) were installed this summer. Much more welcoming and reassuring than their red ancestors, they will offer an alternative to the Grand Massif Express gondola. Alternative that will also reduce the attendance of the latter to access the plateau of Saix. The interior space of the TC10 is also more welcoming and will allow to welcome all types of public: skiers, pedestrians or people with reduced mobility. Sustainable development has also been taken into account by the designers, since the line is equipped with a solar lighting system. This system offers new opportunities for the management of passenger flows: scheduling or event planning.

The new cable cars in figures

– Distance from the line following the slope: 2200 m

– Height difference: 802 m

– Number of pylons: 14

– Throughput: 2000 people/hour

– Cabins: 10 seats

Nouvelle TC10 du Grand Massif